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All bagged turds will be left in owner's trash bin unless otherwise noted. All services are subject to sales tax.

Service Details - DOGS

Great Service

​​​​​​​​We want to give you the best Turdy Jobs experience possible. Along with our thorough pickup we always provide excellent customer service and love to your pets. 


 Turdy Jobs employees are always recognizable by the Turdy Jobs logo, bright colored buckets and attire keeping you feeling at ease about who is on your property. 

Poop Concerns

We will alert you to any turds that seem to be of concern to warn against any illness that your pet may be experiencing. 

Mother Nature

 Turdy Jobs are performed rain, snow and shine! Yes we pickup in the winter! 

Turd Location

We cleanup dog poop left behind in grass, rocks, mulch, and anywhere else your pet(s) have relieved themselves. 

Pet Behavior

Sometimes our pooper scooper and pet smells can scare dogs. Even though we love to meet dogs we prefer that dogs are inside during service if possible.  

Pets should always be up to date on their shots/vaccines.